CNITE1The C-NITE is a significant new aid to vehicle crews using Night Vision Goggles (NVG) or other Image Intensifying equipment. The longer range narrow beam lens prevents inadvertent illumination of blue forces or wide field detection from red forces; whereas the wider short range lens allows the driver greater route selection as more peripheral landscape is illuminated.


LEDs are covert 940nm units range dependant on requirement. Each LED has power options which can be chosen to best suit the platform requirements.

Lens configurations are available to tune the output. Illustrated is a 2 x low power (0 lux) LEDs (14 degrees and 36 degrees) to provide wide near field and bore sight spot illumination.

The C-NITE provides a dedicated twin beam for near and far field illumination that reduces the IR illumination spread and the resulting detection by enemy forces. When designing the C-NITE product, extensive research was conducted to ensure that the EMC emissions of the IR beams did not disrupt or interfere with the on-board communications and vehicle management systems.


Weight:1kg (with mounting bracket)
Case:T6 aluminium


Supply:9 to 36 vDC
Power:4.8W 0.4A @ 12 vCD
LED:2 x 940nm (zero lux)
LED (Total lux):500mW
Lens:1 x +/- 7 degree spot
1 x +/- 3x +/- 18 degree spot




Temperature:Operating: -40ºC to +60ºC
EMC:Land Class A (DefStan 59-411)




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